Montessori Academy of North Hollywood

Our preschool program is a hands on sensorial approach to education, with many activities to help develop hand – eye coordination, concentration, independence, and socialization. Preschool children are exposed to beginning writing, letter recognition, counting, colors, shapes, sizes, etc... in a hands on tactile approach, using the Montessori apparatus.

At our Kindergarten level the students read and write, do additions, subtractions, and even multiplications using the Montessori equipment, before going into our Grade One. Apart from these, the children also get many enrichment activities, such as arts and crafts, music, singing, poetry, painting, dancing, gymnastics, and a foreign language (Spanish) at no extra cost. Piano lessons are available for a small fee.

Come visit us to see our classrooms in session, and see samples of children's work.


Montessori Academy of North Hollywood is well known for the superior quality of graduates it produces. Such is attributable to the fact that Dr. Montessori's program is based on experiential learning, individualization, muli – disciplinary curriculum organization, integrated time schedule, and a greater utilization of group – oriented strategies and opportunities for social interaction. On top of that, an "eclectic" use of textbooks is followed.

Cultural subjects, such as Science, Arts, and Social Studies, are integrated not only to give factual information but also to afford an opportunity for the child to organize the details and relate them to each other. Purposely, it aims to develop both the understanding and creation of a sense of responsibility.

The multi – disciplinary approach is applied in teaching Language and Mathematics. Based on such approach, the concepts are introduced as subject – area lessons. Then, assignments regarding such concept or topic are given to gauge as to whether or not they understand the subject matter. Numerous activities are given to afford an opportunity for the child to "apply" the acquired knowledge. The Language curriculum comprises of oral language skills, reading, writing, research, and an in – depth study of grammar. Mathematics deals with the basic concepts and skills for each grade level in the areas of sets, numbers, and numeration; operations and basic facts; measurement (time, money, etc...); basic fractions and calendar.


A school year is divided into four(4) quarters. At the end of each quarter, report cards are given to the parents during a Parent – Teacher Conference. Feedback is given to parents as the need arises. Problems are reported as they are observed. The grading scale and grade – level expectations are well – defined. The teacher and parents keep an open communication in order to monitor the progress of a child.

Doesn't everyone want optimal learning? Banking on this, Montessori Academy of North Hollywood offers a wide array of opportunities for learning through an individualistic approach. Hence, the activities are crafted based on each child's need, capacity, and pacing. Lessons are provided in an informal set – up which is best suited to fit into the child's natural learning cycle.

Why Us
  • Excellent Learning Activities

  • Exceptional Teaching Staff

  • We know the future of our world depends on developing autonomous people who can think for themselves... competent people with the intellectual tools for creative work... responsible people who care enough to attack social and environmental problems. Everyday, our teachers do a job worth doing: helping children to become the best they can be.